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Sucker Punch is not planning a new InFamous

Bad news for InFamous and Sly Cooper fans: Sony studio Sucker Punch has announced in a post on its own site that no new games from the brands are in development.

No new InFamous planned

After the success of Ghost of Tsushima, which should have finally catapulted Sucker Punch into the top ranks of Sony’s own development studios, the studio seems to have finally said goodbye to the old brands Sly Cooper and InFamous. The final entry in the superhero saga that began on PS3 is the InFamous: First Light DLC for the inFamous: Second Son released in 2014 (a way 9:24€ to to buy).

According to Sucker Punch in, the characters of Sly Cooper and InFamous are very important to the developers an official announcement about the company’s 25th anniversary on the company’s website. However, neither they nor any other studio have a game in the series in development or in the planning. As recently as May, an alleged source hinted that a new InFamous and a new Sly Cooper were in development.

Servers stay online

They will keep InFamous 2 UGC’s servers online for as long as possible and will individually release Cole’s Legacy DLC for Second Son for the foreseeable future. The DLC was previously only available as part of the InFamous Second Son Collector’s Edition.

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